Music Exploration Classes for Young People

Ages 4-7 and 7-13     Longmont, Colorado

Enthusiastic music exploration
without the pressure of performance! 

Small Classes, Reasonable Prices, No Long-Term Commitment
Enthusiastic Master Teacher, Kid Requested, Parent Approved

This summer I'm offering a wide variety
of 1-3 hour classes in singing, composing, percussion and music exploration for ages 4-7 and 7-13.
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I had the complete pleasure of working with Heather when she prepared my choir, P’zazz Children’s Choir to perform at the Up With People 50- year celebration featuring the Colwell Brothers and their composer/arranger friends. Heather is a breath of fresh air! She is extremely positive , very energetic and works brilliantly with children! She has fun with them, yet she is totally productive. My choir singers accomplished musical tasks with her before they even realized that time had passed. Any young singer who works with Heather is, indeed a lucky child!
— Jeannie Card, Director of P'zazz Children's Choir in Denver, Colorado
I love, love, LOVE Heather’s music classes. She has unleashed a singing sensation in my daughter and has inspired my daughter to want to grow up to be a music teacher. The class is very educational and yet the kids don’t even realize how much they are learning because they are having so much fun singing songs tailored for their age. The class goes far beyond music. Heather instills confidence, teaches about respect and shows the kids how to work hard but have fun doing it. Heather is just one of those people you want your child to be around.
— Heather Mallett, parent of a Sing Your Heart Out singer
Heather has an amazing teaching gift and unparalleled musical talent. She has a buoyant spirit that simply soars in and out of the classroom. Knowing her will change your life. Really.
— Gina Mohr-Callahan, Owner, Fork in the Road
Thank you so much for offering the “Sing Your Heart Out” music classes at our school. Our daughter loved every minute she spent with you and her fellow vocalists. We really noticed such a build of confidence from the three sessions she spent with you. The concert was so enjoyable and watching how adorable the kids are really touched my heart. So just a big thank you from one mom to another. I appreciate you!
— Cheri Siess, parent of a Sing Your Heart Out singer

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