Enthusiastic Educational Programs With Music
at the Core!

When I travel to different places, I work to bring my enthusiasm for life into each setting. Whether I'm at a library, nursing home, school or sitting 'round a campfire, I want to share my love of music and positive energy with everyone in the audience.  

I sing and speak about love, life and the pursuit of 'musicalness!'  I play a variety of instruments and weave themes of character education, the creative process, and self expression into each of my programs.  I often personalize my programs to include a song written just for that audience!   


Bloomin' Music (Preschool, K,1)
We are ALL Composers (K-5)
Begin With the End in Mind  (K-4) 

YOUR Musical Story  (K-5)
Inner Voice  - Loving Choice  (K-3)
Campfire Songs for All Ages (K-5) Great for literacy events!
All Ages Sing-Along

Have something specific in mind for a program?  Just ask!  
I can work with you to create a program that meets your needs. 

Heather is one of the most amazing teachers I know! Her communication and rapport with classroom teachers is professional and consistent, her classroom management skills are of a true master teacher, and her students love coming to her class because they are engaged and treated with utmost respect. She had so much energy in the classroom that I wanted to stay in class with her! Heather always puts 110% into anything she does. She is so positive and she spreads light wherever she goes.
— Emily Vangermeersch, Teacher, Poudre School District
Heather is so engaging and knows how to read kids and get them involved. They loved the songs and stories about how to become an author/composer. In addition, she worked in so much great information about careers in music, music content and just plain FUN! We would have her back in a heart beat!
— Joni Martin, Teacher
What I loved about having Heather come to our school was that she was a very pleasant twist on the traditional author visit. She is not only an author, but a composer as well, and she was able to make kids aware of all the different ways that they could continue to be involved in music as they grow. Heather knows how to engage her audience. The kids were so involved in every part of the presentation that they never had time to get fidgety. I’m still humming the songs that she taught us!
— Karen Zadkovic, Teacher
Mrs. Stenner included everybody and made music fun. She was very interactive and got everyone participating. She made me feel good and like I could ‘do’ music.
— Treden, Student
Heather’s knowledge as a certified music teacher, along with her passionate energy and gentle spirit with the kids made this one of the best library programs we’ve ever hosted. Parents and children alike were very impressed with the skills Heather taught them. I can’t wait to have her back again!
— Becki Loughlin, Erie Community Librarian
Wow! What a true gift to have you work with our students. We’re already dreaming of how we can make it happen again next year! In addition to being an amazing musician and singer, you are a true performer and an outstanding teacher. We were SO impressed with your strategies to keep students engaged and having fun the entire time!
— The Kindergarten team at Dunn Elementary
I can not thank you enough for your love, performance, teaching strategies, passion, quality and enjoyment that you offered to my kids. I loved it and my kids did too!
— Ana Salcedo, Preschool/Primary Teacher
Heather has a love for life and music and shares that love freely with the kids! She brings JOY to this world and everyone she meets. She is amazing!
— Sari Bosch, Kindergarten teacher
Mrs. Stenner’s love for people, music, learning and positivity is infectious to say the least!
— Jody Drager, Director of Student Teachers, Colorado State University
Having Heather visit our classroom was a perfect way to enhance and energize our preschool study of music! From the moment the children walked in and were greeted with Heather’s big smile they were intrigued, engaged and excited. She planned such a nice variety of activities and experiences which exposed the children to new musical instruments, sounds, and ideas. They danced, sang, listened, and played instruments along with Heather. The preschoolers loved their time with her so much, and every child participated. Heather is not only very musically talented, but is also extremely skilled in her ability to keep the class interested and happy throughout the entire presentation. She has a beautiful voice and a dynamic and fun presence! Heather even wove some concepts into her lesson that she knew the children had been studying throughout the year. All of the staff members loved Heather’s visit as well, and we can’t wait to have her back in the classroom again.
— Lisa Simpkins, Early Childhood Special Education Teacher at Lafayette Elementary.
Heather from Enthusic had my class engaged, participating, singing, moving, laughing, and having fun. She brought a range of music to delight all learning styles. My students loved her passion and she created a sense of community through music that has lasted long after her visit. Thank you Heather!
— Ms. Carlson, Preschool/Primary Teacher