Fun-to-sing songs for a WHOLE new generation of singers.

The 26 catchy songs in
"Campfire Songs for Modern Kids" Songbook & CD
are great for so many settings—school, after school programs, talent shows, car trips, hiking excursions, Sunday school activities, and much more!  You don't need a campfire to enjoy singing campfire songs.  Listen, laugh and share!

Our son has us jamming to Campfire Songs for Modern Kids while waiting for dinner. Thanks to an amazing concert and sing-along from Heather Stenner! Thanks for bringing such fun and catchy tunes into our lives! There is nothing like coming down the stairs and hearing my kids singing in the morning. My son has set to memorizing all the songs from Campfire Songs For Modern Kids. Today’s lucky number: Ohhhh won’t you pleeeaaaase give me Mac and cheeeese! If you haven’t gotten this collection you’ve got to give it a try!
— Elisha Hanford-Smith, educator & mom
Our grandchildren and great grandchildren’s favorites are “Gimme Some More S’mores, Pickin’ Up a Pepperoni Pizza, & Bill Loves Jill!
— June Van Haaften, grandmother
These songs are fun, feisty, and fresh! They will follow us to our Girl Scout Parent/Daughter camping weekend, which has been a tradition for decades. We can’t wait to make these songs part of our new traditions, especially ‘There’s a House’ and ‘The Impossible to Sing Song.’ Thank you!
— Julie and Christy Perkins, volunteer camp co-directors
Our friends grandkids LOVE their books and the CDs. They played it in the car driving home to Denver and all sang and laughed their heads off.
— Holly Field, grandmother
I have never sung FUNICULI FUNCULA around a campfire, s’more in hand. I can’t imagine that many people have. The “Cell Phone Song” is definitely going to change that. Luigi Denza may have had Vesuvius in mind, but a nice little campfire in the woods will do just fine. And I love the timely lyrics! This collection is a genuinely new contribution to the ancient and hallowed art of campfire singing.
— Kirk Wegter-McNelly, professor & father

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