Hi there!  My name is Heather Stenner and I grew up in a musical family in the beautiful midwest. My parents instilled a love for music in me and that love became my therapy as a young person while I watched my mother fight cancer.  I watched her struggle for 15 years and music got me through some of those most difficult times.  It also played an important part of the grief process when I lost my father to cancer fifteen years later.  

Wanting to share my love for music and life, I became an elementary music school teacher.  It was my hope that I could give children the gift of music that I received from my parents.  

I started Enthusic Music Company to share my passion for music with people of all ages, so they might use music as a positive force in their own lives. 

These days, you'll find me teaching, visiting schools, composing & writing in my studio. I live in beautiful Longmont, Colorado with my husband,  our two children and our singing dog.

My Mission

My mission is to help all people see themselves as musical and foster the musical spirit within them! 

Everyone's got a story to tell!  What's yours?

When I meet people for the first time and they find out I am a music teacher, their response is often the same.  They say, “Oh, I’m not musical at all!” And when I hear that, it just breaks my heart. No one should ever say that about themselves!  I believe everyone is musical.   Whether you are are playing the radio or playing an instrument…you are being musical!  I love to hear about times in your life when music made a difference for you. Please reach out to me
and let me know the impact music has had in your life!

Heather Stenner