I believe every elementary school should have a character education team.  This team should consist of staff and students. 

I wrote a piece for a group of students and they performed it at several events.  It was a huge hit wherever we went.  Nearly 20 years later, I've had former students come up to me and recite the chorus word for word!  One of them told me that she shared it with her ethics class in college.  She said so many of the other students didn't have any type of character education.  She appreciated not only talking about this topic growing up, but participating in the CHARACTER CREW gave her the opportunity to have those important traits as footprints on her soul.

Here's an excerpt:   (To see the whole thing, contact me!)

We're the Character Crew  And we're on a path to peace
We’ve got  empathy, diversity and impulse control
We stay calm and pay attention and we don't interrupt
Using caring words to help our friends in need.
Conflict resolution it's a (clap) win-win

Verse about INTEGRITY:
       Integrity   let me tell you what it is
       ‘cuz it’ll make the world a better place
       do the right thing when no ones even there
       ‘cuz I bet inside you know you really care
        Integrity    and if you show me some
       You can make the world a better place
       When you’re out to play think about what you say
‘Cuz you can change the world each and everyday

       Never give up! You’ve got to persevere
       Keep your eyes on the goal!
       Never give up!  You’ve got to persevere!
       Be self-disciplined!
       Never give up!  You’ve got to persevere!
       Teach yourself to learn!
       Never give up!  You’ve got to persevere!
       Stay focused on your task!    

Other verses include the topics