Here's what folks are saying about Heather.

Heather is one of those rare individuals who is both creative AND organized, innovative AND realistic, enthusiastic AND grounded. And she gets stuff done. She takes the ball and runs with it and creates wonderful results. She makes me look good. For this year’s World Singing Day song of the year recording session, she was in charge of producing the orchestral arrangement, arranging the 4-part harmonies, communicating with participants, working with the sound engineer, hosting the event, and on top of all of that, she directed over 40 people, many who had never met before. She created a safe, comfortable and inclusive environment that brought out the best in the singers, all the while doing it with a smile and energy that lit up the room.
— Scott Johnson, World Singing Day Founder
Heather’s knowledge as a certified music teacher, along with her passionate energy and gentle spirit with the kids made this one of the best library programs we’ve ever hosted. Parents and children alike were very impressed with the skills Heather taught them. I can’t wait to have her back again!
— Becki Loughlin, Erie Community Librarian
Wow! What a true gift to have you work with our students. We’re already dreaming of how we can make it happen again next year! In addition to being an amazing musician and singer, you are a true performer and an outstanding teacher. We were SO impressed with your strategies to keep students engaged and having fun the entire time!
— The Kindergarten team at Dunn Elementary
Having Heather visit our classroom was a perfect way to enhance and energize our preschool study of music! From the moment the children walked in and were greeted with Heather’s big smile they were intrigued, engaged and excited. She planned such a nice variety of activities and experiences which exposed the children to new musical instruments, sounds, and ideas. They danced, sang, listened, and played instruments along with Heather. The preschoolers loved their time with her so much, and every child participated. Heather is not only very musically talented, but is also extremely skilled in her ability to keep the class interested and happy throughout the entire presentation. She has a beautiful voice and a dynamic and fun presence! Heather even weaved in some concepts into her lesson that she knew the children had been studying throughout the year. All of the staff members loved Heather’s visit as well, and we can’t wait to have her back in the classroom again.
— Lisa Simpkins, Early Childhood Special Education Teacher at Lafayette Elementary.
Thank you so much for offering the “Sing Your Heart Out” music classes at our school. Our daughter loved every minute she spent with you and her fellow vocalists. We really noticed such a build of confidence from the three sessions she spent with you. The concert was so enjoyable and watching how adorable the kids are really touched my heart. So just a big thank you from one mom to another. I appreciate you!
— Cheri Siess
Invite Heather to your school! Just do it. Your students will be so engaged with the songs, dances, and instruments. She makes her classes a rewarding experience for all!
— Elementary school teacher
Mrs. Stenner’s love for people, music, learning and positivity is infectious to say the least!
— Jody Drager, Director of Student Teachers, Colorado State University
Heather has a love for life and music and shares that love freely with the kids! She brings JOY to this world and everyone she meets. She is amazing!
— Sari Bosch, Kindergarten Teacher
Heather is one of the most amazing teachers I know! Her communication and rapport with classroom teachers is professional and consistent, her classroom management skills are of a true master teacher, and her students love coming to her class because they are engaged and treated with utmost respect. She had so much energy in the classroom that I wanted to stay in class with her! Heather always puts 110% into anything she does. She is so positive and she spreads light wherever she goes!
— Emily Vangermeersch, Teacher, Poudre School District
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Heather on a number of music recording and production projects. She is an excellent musician and composer. In addition she has a wonderful singing voice, and extensive stage experience. The most recent collaboration was a recording project that took many months and involved over 20 artists and musicians. She not only composed and produced the music, but also coached and hired musicians. Heather scheduled, managed and documented the project time line in a way that made it easy to keep everything on track. She is excellent at communications. Heather is also an educator. I’ve experience first hand her ability to guide and motivate kids in completing a music recording project. I look forward to the next project.
— Chris Kennison, Pedal Steel with the Rhythm Cats
Thank you for providing such a great resource! [ Fun Choir Warm-Ups on Teachers Pay Teachers]”
— Julia Quinto [Teachers Pay Teachers Review]
Heather is the most enthusiastic, genuine person I know. She is a talented musician who loves to share her passion of music with those around her. We took our 4th graders to visit the Capitol and perform for our legislature. We wanted to change the state song to “If I had a wagon!” What a great way to learn and perform! Heather is amazing!!!
— Sharon Panik, Affiliate Faculty University of Northern Colorado
I thought this was a great set of songs. My 7th and eight graders loved them! [ Fun ChoirWarm-Ups]
— Davonia G. [Teachers Pay Teachers Review]
I must admit, this CD is not something I would listen to alone in my car, but when I put it on for my girls they light up. Quote from the 4 year old, “Every song on this CD is GREAT! I love it mom!” And now that they have learned the songs, we sing them outside on our adventures. [Campfire Songs for Modern Kids Singer’s Edition Amazon Review]
— Heidi Helms [ Amazon Review]
Fantastic words and fun. Very creative and practical. Thank you! [ Fun Warm-ups]
— Debra L.P [Teachers Pay Teachers Review]
I can not thank you enough for your love, performance, teaching strategies, passion, quality and enjoyment that you offered to my kids. I loved it and my kids did too!
— Ana Salcedo, Preschool/Primary teacher
Heather, you have a true gift for teaching music! It was such a joy to see you in action and I learned more about how I can be a better music teacher too!
— Elementary Music Teacher
You were amazing with both the music and the kids!
— Morgan B, Carbon Valley Librarian
I spent a couple of hours with Heather recently and found her quite exceptional. Her communication to a few dozen strangers was clear and effective, but more importantly organizing us and energizing us to sing together was remarkable, She got four parts to sound like we had been rehearsing weeks. Not only is her voice a beautiful one, but her direction was most effective. I was impressed. I’d sing for her again, for sure.
— Bob Dodge, Owner, The Alternative Board Denver West
Thanks for a very special experience for us. Heather did an outstanding and inspiring job of leading us. She is a music magician!
— Ginny Corsi, Executive Teambuilder, senior management consultant and World Singing Day Song of the Year Participant
Heather from Enthusic had my class engaged, participating, singing, moving, laughing, and having fun. She brought a range of music to delight all learning styles. My students loved her passion and she created a sense of community through music that has lasted long after her visit. Thank you Heather!
— Ms. Carlson (Primrose Kindergarten)
“Mrs. Stenner included everybody and made music fun. She was very interactive and got everyone participating. She made me feel good and like I could ‘do’ music.”
— Treden, 4th grade student
Heather spoke at one of our weekly Rotary meetings. She had everyone in the palm of her hand during her presentation. She received the first standing ovation our group has ever given!
— The late Stephen Busch, Professor, Colorado State University
Heather is so engaging and knows how to read kids and get them involved. They loved the songs and stories about how to become an author/composer. In addition, she worked in so much great information about careers in music, music content and just plain FUN! We would have her back in a heart beat!
— Joni Martin, Teacher
Great for kids and adults! I love “There’s a House”. It is really fun singing it with a group of people when assigning a different verse to different people. Lots of fun songs. I gave this as a gift to a 9 year old. Her family was taking a road trip to another state the week after I gave her the gift. The whole family sang every song MANY times. Everyone loved it and I got a special thanks. [Campfire Songs for Modern Kids Singer’s Edition Songbook Review]
— Sandy Brooks [Amazon Review]
Campfire Songs for Modern Kids is a breath of fresh air whether you and your family are doing exactly that - enjoying the fresh air around a campfire - or “enjoying” some “quality” family time in the car on a road trip that is just a tad too long ;), or spending some time cooking (or dancing) together in the kitchen. Wherever you are, whatever you are doing these original songs will add just the right amount of fun to the outdoors, fortitude for that looong car ride and flavor to the kitchen. They are silly enough for kids to go crazy for them, but witty enough not to drive parents crazy. :)
— Missy Dokter [Amazon Review]
What I loved about having Heather come to our school was that she was a very pleasant twist on the traditional author visit. She is not only an author, but a composer as well, and she was able to make kids aware of all the different ways that they could continue to be involved in music as they grow. Heather knows how to engage her audience. The kids were so involved in every part of the presentation that they never had time to get fidgety. I’m still humming the songs that she taught us!”
— Karen Zadkovic, Elementary Teacher
I love, love, LOVE Heather’s music classes. She has unleashed a singing sensation in my daughter and has inspired my daughter to want to grow up to be a music teacher. The class is very educational and yet the kids don’t even realize how much they are learning because they are having so much fun singing songs tailored for their age. The class goes far beyond music. Heather instills confidence, teaches about respect and shows the kids how to work hard but have fun doing it. Heather is just one of those people you want your child to be around.
— Heather Mallett, Parent of a Sing Your Heart Out Singer
Heather has an amazing teaching gift and unparalleled musical talent. She has a buoyant spirit that simply soars in and out of the classroom. Knowing her will change your life. Really.
— Gina Mohr-Callahan, Owner, A Fork in the Road
I have never sung FUNICULI FUNCULA around a campfire, s’more in hand. I can’t imagine that many people have. The “Cell Phone Song” is definitely going to change that. Luigi Denza may have had Vesuvius in mind, but a nice little campfire in the woods will do just fine. And I love the timely lyrics! This collection is a genuinely new contribution to the ancient and hallowed art of campfire singing. [ Campfire Songs for Modern Kids Songbook Review]
— Kirk Wegter-McNelly [Amazon Review]
Thanks! The kids in my theater program loved trying these this year! [ Fun Choir Warm-ups]
— Nicole F. [Teachers Pay Teachers Review]