Expose your children to a wide variety of music!

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One of the best parts of being a music educator is listening to all different kinds of music.  In my classes, I work to integrate a wide variety of musical sounds into each of my lessons.  Marching band songs, African drumming, piano concertos and acapella music are just a few of the genres I recently put into one of my classes.  The children (and their families) delight in the mood that each song seems to set at the very first downbeat.  Whether they hear fairies springing out of a flower blossom or elephants marching across the Sahara, songs paint pictures and elicit images for people. 

I recently put together a short list of songs for parents to listen to with their students after one of my classes. 
If you're ready to start a new music tradition in your family room,  maybe you'll find some inspirations here
to start that "Friday Night Living Room Dance Party!"

If you've got a favorite, send it to me!  I always love to hear what other people are listening to out there.

Enthusic Music’s Fun Music Playlist

Look up these artists & songs on the internet or search for them at your local library.

  1. James Asher – Send in the Drums
  2. Brent Lewis – Jungle Sugar
  3. Go Fish – The Crazy Dance
  4. Greg & Steve – The Freeze
  5. Justin Timberlake – Can’t Stop The Feeling
  6. Andrew Lloyd Webber – Light at the End of the Tunnel
  7. Jesse McCartney – Get Your Shine On
  8. High School Musical Cast – We’re All In This Together
  9. Robert Schumann – The Wild Horseman
  10. Bill Haley & The Comets – Rock Around the Clock
  11. Up With People – Ayiko
  12. John Phillip Sousa – Stars & Stripes
  13. John Phillip Sousa – Washington Post March
  14. Ludwig Beethoven – Symphony No. 5
  15. Scott Joplin – The Entertainer
  16. John Williams – The Olympic Fanfare
  17. EY Harburg & Harold Arlen – We’re Off to See the Wizard
  18. Alan Menken & Stephen Scwartz – Happy Working Song
  19. Phil Collins – Sussudio
  20. Gloria Estefan – Get On Your Feet
  21. Pharrell Williams – Happy
  22. Bond – Allegretto
  23. Jonsi – Where No One Goes
  24. Johnny Bregar – Arkansas Traveler
  25. Sara Bareilles – Brave

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Try and expose your kids
to a wide variety of music

even if some of it is
not your favorite kind of music.

They deserve to hear
all kinds of musical styles
and decide for themselves
whether they like it or not.

Heather Stenner

Heather Stenner has a passion for life! Her passions play out with music and children of all ages. Heather grew up in the Midwest and realized the importance of each day from a very young age. Her mother was diagnosed with a brain tumor when Heather was only 5. The doctors gave her mother 6 months to live. It was during the next 15 years that Heather developed her charismatic and joyful course for her own life! Her mother showed her strength and courage and an intense compassion for others and their suffering. Her mother passed away when Heather was 20 years old. Heather vowed she would continue to live each day as if it were her last. To treat people with compassion and believe in the love we all share for one another. At the age of 37, she became an orphan. Her father passed away from pancreatic cancer. Through it all, Heather realized that MUSIC was one of her coping mechanisms to deal with all the stress that cancer brought into their families lives. She vowed to share her love of music with children, so that it might also be a positive force in their lives! To this day, Heather creates music that has soul and passion. She hopes everyone will remember with the dawning of each day; we are all musical. Feel it in your soul. Keep it to yourself... or give it away.