The Joy of Music Exploration

From libraries to classrooms, I had incredible music adventures with wonderful children this summer! Things kicked off with my week of classes at the wonderful Creation Station in Longmont.  I had the pleasure of working with over 40 children ages 4-13. We sang.  We danced.  We composed.  We played instruments and worked as a musical team.  Watching their faces when they felt the vibrations of the autoharp or when they were attempting to memorize a tricky lyric line brought a smile to my face and joy into my heart.  It really was a wonderful week.  Thank you to the City of Longmont & Recreation/Golf Services for bringing me in to such a beautiful space.  The Creation Station is such a little gem!  Thank you Longmont families.  I hope to see you all again next year!

And I had such fun visiting libraries and schools along the Front Range.  Thank you to the fabulous children's librarians who brought me in to share music at the Erie Library, Hudson Library, Sam Gary Library, Schlessman Library, Carbon Valley Library & the Longmont Library.  And the teachers who brought me in to share music at Eagle Crest, Bacon, Dunn & Rocky Mountain elementary schools. I loved every minute!  

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Heather Stenner

Heather Stenner has a passion for life! Her passions play out with music and children of all ages. Heather grew up in the Midwest and realized the importance of each day from a very young age. Her mother was diagnosed with a brain tumor when Heather was only 5. The doctors gave her mother 6 months to live. It was during the next 15 years that Heather developed her charismatic and joyful course for her own life! Her mother showed her strength and courage and an intense compassion for others and their suffering. Her mother passed away when Heather was 20 years old. Heather vowed she would continue to live each day as if it were her last. To treat people with compassion and believe in the love we all share for one another. At the age of 37, she became an orphan. Her father passed away from pancreatic cancer. Through it all, Heather realized that MUSIC was one of her coping mechanisms to deal with all the stress that cancer brought into their families lives. She vowed to share her love of music with children, so that it might also be a positive force in their lives! To this day, Heather creates music that has soul and passion. She hopes everyone will remember with the dawning of each day; we are all musical. Feel it in your soul. Keep it to yourself... or give it away.