Enthusic Music in the Denver Post

This past week has been so much fun!   With a visit to Eric Community library and Rocky Mountain Elementary School, my passion for sharing music with young people, their families and their teachers has yet again been renewed!  I was thrilled to share my "We Are All Composers" program with a group of children at the library and the Denver Post dropped in to check it out.   The pre-schoolers at Rocky Mountain Elementary School sang and danced with me in my "Bloomin Music" program.  Giving exposure to the fun you can have with music in your life is one of my favorite parts of working with young people!   

We are all musical!

We are all musical!

Did you realize every child is born musical?   Yes… Every child.
Every day you have the chance to modela LOVE  for music. 
Every day you have the chance to model an INTEREST in how music is made.
Every day you have the chance to model a DESIRE to move to music.
Every day you can model a VULNERABILITY  for how music makes you feel.

We are all musical!  Share music with someone close to you today.


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